Our Services.

Leadership development resources including on-demand content & downloads; executive coaching, assessment, and consultation; team performance, structure and dynamics; speaking and facilitation, customized keynotes.

Survey improvement isn’t the goal. Tools and consulting to create a culture of engagement by targeting effort on the things that will make the greatest difference to the chosen outcomes of the group.

Attraction. Onboarding. Retention. Development. Succession. Real-time resources and guidance to help you hire, retain and develop the individuals with whom to build your organization’s future.

Many organizations actually regress as a result of their performance review process. There is a better way. On demand resources, architecture and consulting to enrich performance management practices.

How much time, money or other resources does your organization invest each year on training, surveys, coaching and consulting related to Leadership, Employee Engagement, Performance Management and Talent?

How much impact did that investment have on the organization’s culture?

If your organization is like many others, most of these interventions fail to deliver lasting value, and they fail for a very simple reason:

They aren’t CONSTANT.

Research by Ebbinghaus and others has demonstrated that people retain very little of what they learn in traditional training programs unless they keep their learning constant.  By some estimates, individuals forget more than half of what they have been taught after just 1 hour.

But this isn’t merely about learning and retention.  It’s about application, because application shapes culture.

At Constant Organizational Development, we operate from the conviction that culture always wins.

Based on that conviction, We provide training, consulting and on-demand resources for organizations and leaders who pursue high performing, engaged cultures.

Our practical and insightful training and consulting approach offers perspective and inspiration.  Our ongoing and impactful resources enable organizations and leaders to customize their investments in development.  This combined method supports our clients to achieve specific and measurable goals both individually and corporately.

But shaping culture to achieve measurable goals is not easy; it requires attention.

CONSTANT attention.

However, constant attention can occur without a constant time commitment.  Our method makes this possible by offering always-available resources to meet the needs that exist, when they exist.  This method helps our clients minimize the time associates spend out of the office, and increases productivity by avoiding fruitless internet searches and one size fits all interventions.

Whether the challenges of your business require developing individual or organizational capability in Leadership, Employee Engagement, Performance Management or Talent, Constant Organizational Development provides what you need, when you need it.

In less than 10 minutes, anyone in our client organizations can access, view or download material that relates directly to the business challenges they face.

Need a matrix to assess your leadership?

Access a writable .pdf and self-assess or distribute to others.

Want new ideas for how to engage your team?

Download a .pdf document with dozens of ideas and conversation starters.

Do you recognize the benefit of focusing on associates’ strengths, but don’t know where to begin?

Read a short article on strengths-based coaching.

Hiring a new employee and need a refresher on behavioral interview techniques?  Watch a 5 minute overview video.

Your business faces CONSTANT challenges.
Isn’t it time you had CONSTANT resources?