Constant Employee Engagement

Culture always wins. Perhaps the most important role of managers and leaders in any organization is to create a culture in which engagement is possible. But how and where to start? Many organizations have wisely elected to measure engagement in an effort to improve it, and the outcomes it predicts, over time.

Too often, though, the means by which we measure become ends, not indicators. Survey improvement isn’t the goal. Creating culture is. At Constant Organizational Development, our Constant Employee Engagement practice provides consulting and practical tools to create a culture of engagement by targeting effort on the things that will make the greatest difference to the chosen outcomes of the group.

Employee Engagement Resources

  • Practical articles to further understanding and application
  • Checklists and ideas to increase the effectiveness of employee engagement meetings and conversations at individual, team and enterprise levels

Employee Engagement Consulting

  • Strategy and communication for division and enterprise rollouts
  • Customized counsel based on existing employee engagement results at a division or enterprise level

Employee Engagement Coaching

  • Individual manager/leader sessions, tailored to the needs of the team (newly formed, team in transition, recently promoted leaders, underperformance, key emphasis points)
  • Creating and managing board level expectations

Employee Engagement Speaking and Facilitation

  • Audience specific employee engagement keynote and breakout sessions
  • Live workshops, webinars and in-person training

Create an engaged culture with Constant Employee Engagement.